MobilenNail Extensions, Acrylic, Gel, Salford, Nail Technician
MobilenNail Extensions, Acrylic, Gel, Salford, Nail Technician

Aftercare Advice

Nail Extensions


Now you have a beautiful set of Nail extensions there a few ways that you can prolong the life of your nails and ensure that your natural nail is being looked after. 


Whether you have Acrylic or Gel Extensions your nails will be longer than before and it's easy to start thinking that are now strong enough to withstand anything! - They AREN'T!


Never use your nail as a tool - remember that your nails have been extended with a tip touching a very small area of the natural nail - this is the most vulnerable part. Gel or Acrylic Overlays are then used to strengthen this area and give you a beautiful finish but they are not invincible. 


Get them removed professionally - This is where the most damage can be caused to your natural nail, never pick or chew your nail - if lifting occurs then call me as it's time to book a maintenance appointment - this is where we will infill and rebalance your nails so that they are strong and look perfect again. 


Use Cuticle Oil every day. Cuticle oil will keep your skin around the nail in good condition and prevent it drying out. You can purchase Cuticle Oil from me at any time for £5 (a bottle will last you months and you will wonder how you survived before using it!).  



HD Brows


Firstly - Dont get back into the habit of plucking! After any wax treatment your hairs have been removed and will start to grow back - how quickly depends on where the hairs were in their individual growth cycles - after 3 treatments all hairs should have the same re growth cycle and the regrowth will be easier to manage.


After HD Brows your skin will be reddened and may be more sensitive, this is completely normal, please do not use anti ageing creams, harsh cleansers or sunbathe for 48 hours afterwards.


Lash Extensions / LVL Lashes


Lashes are extended by glueing either individual lashes or cluster lashes to your own, it is imperitive that you look after your lashes in the correct way to ensure that you do not put your own lashes at risk of falling out.


Do not use mascara for at least 48 hours after treatment and when / if you do, make sure you do not use waterproof mascara. No oil based makeup removers or cleansers should be used - these weaken the glue and your lash extensions will require further and more regular maintenance. 


Most Importantly - KEEP THEM DRY!


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