MobilenNail Extensions, Acrylic, Gel, Salford, Nail Technician
MobilenNail Extensions, Acrylic, Gel, Salford, Nail Technician


Now anyone can have luscious lashes in no time! 

Glamorous, full lashes are a must have for special occasions and even if you haven't naturally been blessed with long, curly lashes, all hope is not lost! 


Choose from:


Semi permanent lash extensions - Full Set. This is the ultimate in lash treatments, lasting up to 2 months (with regular maintenance every 2 - 3 weeks) where your own, individual lashes are extended and given additional volume. This is a really relaxing treatment and lashes will be applied for up to 2 hours to give you the look you want, lashes can be tailored to suit the look you want to achieve so whether you want to add more volume and a little bit of length or go for a very dramatic look then this is the treatment for you.


Semi Permanent Lashes - Express Application. This is a great treatment for when you want to add additional volume and length but want a more natural look that will last for around 2 weeks, perfect for special occasions and holidays and no further maintenance is required.  


Party lashes / Weekend lashes where clusters of lashes are attached to your own to give you a low maintenance instant result that lasts from around 2 - 5 days. This is a very fast treatment to give you a dramatic "full lash" look for special occasions.  


LVL Lashes - The Natural option for amazing lashes - length volume and lift and no extensions or maintenance! Perfect mascara look without the daily hassle!


Whichever treatment you choose the result can be either dramatic or very natural depending on your preference and its painless and comfortable, top quality salon products are used to ensure you get a professional long lasting result and a consultation and glue test is carried out beforehand to check for any contra-indications or sensitivity. 




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